Message From Director Mr. Haider Ali

Asalam o Alaikum, dear readers! 

Thank you for interacting with us through our social media and allowing us the opportunity to have a little conversation with you.

As the Director and co-founder of The National Institute of Modern Studies(NIMS), I would like to formally thank you for giving us the opportunity to win your trust. At NIMS, strengthening our programs through our faculty and students while serving the developing world is our priority. Our Mission is to be an Institution of distinction that is committed to the development of human capacities by disseminating knowledge on the core principles of quality, access, impact, and relevance.

With our far-reaching approach, research-oriented and relevance-based practices, NIMS is an institution that is dedicated to building an environment that fosters intellectual freedom.
The National Institute of Modern Studies (NIMS) provides outstanding Graduate Education from top-rated Faculty. The Institute that is set to open its doors this year in January has the best faculty available to those who put their trust in us. We believe in making the best use of the available resources and are committed to providing dedicated attention to the needs of our students that Currently, we have an impressive student to faculty ratio that allows for dedicated attention to the needs of the students and helps in nurturing them into able professionals that are the best at what they do. Our Community outreach activities through our Continuing Education and Long Life Learning program are the central driver of our service in the field of healthcare and Social Sciences.

We pride ourselves on the diverse programs that we offer which are market-oriented and relevant in a manner that they give back to the community we all come from. Our purpose-built campus with its resources provides an environment that truly makes our students and teachers feel at home. We believe that all our elements combine to constitute this family that we call NIMS where we all have mutual interests.

We believe that real learning takes place outside the classroom and that quality education like ours develops a students’ personality as much as their academic capabilities. We polish our students in a manner that not only prove to be astounding ambassadors of our institute but valuable resources to the wider world.
We hope for you to put your valuable trust in us and allow us to provide you the opportunity of a lifetime. We look forward to welcoming you to NIMS!

Mr. Haider Ali
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Message From The Director Mr. Arham Malik

As the Director of NIMS, my priority is to strengthen our programs through our faculty and students while ensuring that it nurtures a batch of graduates that contribute towards the betterment of society.
Our aim is to be an Institution that is committed to the capacity building of our students by spreading knowledge while affirming that it does not compromise quality, access, and impact.

As a Director I am confident that efforts to excel in the field of higher education and inculcation of moral values in the student sat the NIMS campus will continue with a greater zeal.

Mr. Arham Malik
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Message From The Director Mrs. Farzana Naheed 

As a Director at NIMS it is indeed a matter of great satisfaction for me to announce that the professional acumen of NIMS is comprised of highly skilled and committed teachers. Our faculty practices the innovative doctrine for curriculum development to offer students a wealth of theoretical knowledge and perspective to examine and critique the orthodox procedures of learning. 

Our focus in the coming years will be to transform NIMS to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing technological environment as well as societal needs through the best affordable academic programs at par with leading global standards, within Pakistan. 

I urge you to make most of your time at NIMS and avail every opportunity that comes your way.   

Mrs. Farzana Naheed