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1Academic Calendar Guidelines
2Academic Performance Adapted
3Academic Review Protocols
4Admission Cancellation Policy
5Career Counselling Policy
6Conflict of Interest Policy
7Faculty Handbook – Roles & Responsibilities
8Fee Policy
9Grievances Redressal Policy & Procedures
10Guidelines For Student’s Grading System
11Information Technology (IT) Procurement Policy
12Lesson Planning
13Online Teaching Policy
14Plagiarism Policy
15Policy & Procedures for National & International Collaborations
16Policy For Academic Session Management Timetabling
17Policy for Exit of Staff
18Policy for Monitoring, Evaluating, and Improving the Quality of Program Delivery
19Policy on Conduct of Examination
20Policy on Conduct of Students
21Policy on Internal Community Welfare
22Policy on IT Facilities Management
23Rules for Conduct of Board of Directors
24Scholarship Policy
25SOPs for Course Files
26Student Migration Policy
27Teaching Faculty Career Progression Policy
28Financial Policy
29Administrative & Human Resource Policy
30Publicity Policy
31Policy guidelines against Sexual Harassment
32Policy for Students with Disabilities