Mr. Inam Ullah

MR. Inam Ullah

Coordinator Quality Enhancement Cell


Mr. Inam Ullah has done master in Economics from Peshawar University and has a teaching experience of 12 years to his credit including teaching at international level. He has successfully attended numerous international seminars on quality education as well including but not limited to AACSB Accreditation Seminar in Lebanese American University, in Beirut, Lebanon and AACSB Seminar on AOL (Assurance of Learning) in Abu Dhabi University, UAE. 


For NIMS, education is a very serious business as it entails shaping of our nation. Indeed, we provide organizational platform to ensure that quality of any academic program taught here, is of par excellence. We seek global compatibility of our quality hence, have established a full-scale quality enhancement cell for the purpose. The Cell takes periodic review of quality of all programs and ensures remedial actions where needed. Indeed, we have redefined quality of education.